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lucky cat beauty by Aubrie Layne

Channel Your Inner Beth Dutton- Smokey Eye Tips- by

Updated: Apr 1

"Black cherry, smokey eyes give me life!"-Aubrie

So- okay so if you haven’t seen Yellowstone. You are missing out on life. So watch it, at least one episode then, come right back here.

The show-stealer here is the daughter of the main character, with her high fashion, beauty, antics and her MOUTH! She's totally my spirit animal- the badass Beth Dutton played by Kelly Reilly. The main character is Kevin Costner, a cattle rancher. Basically, Sopranos meets Cattle Ranchers in Montana with incredible clothing & drama. You definitely need to get into the show if you haven't! I have been wanting to share with my followers some of my new favorite beauty products and thought this would be the perfect time to celebrate the new upcoming season. last year, she rocked a smokey burgundy eye I got inspired. Side Note- I couldn't help myself and threw together a last-minute costume for Halloween this year. See pics below with my cousin, Nene, as the character Rip and me as Beth Dutton. Read more on the makeup team that works on the show HERE

1. Start with a shadow base like my bestselling Hero Product LUCKY CAT BEAUTY EYE & LIP PRIMER $25 use a ring finger or concealer brush to apply a thin layer of primer from lash to brow. Blend edges with ring finer. (if it's out of stock, check back or shoot me an email to get on my waiting list!

2 Use the Tightline Technique (line roots of the lashes with a flat brush from underneath, push and wiggle the gel eyeliner into lashes that connects lash line together. This creates longer lashes, more definition and erases any white space between lashes) with Inglot Black Creme Gel Eyeliner $17w Flat Brush of your choice. I LOVE Bdellium Golden Triangle brushes right now. These brushes are INCREDIBLE, vegan, and won't break the bank. $140 for the whole set, for 24 pieces!

3.  Felt Tip Liner like TOM FORD Double Ended Liquid Liner on top of lashes.  This is my holy grail of liquid liners!

4. using a tiny smudge brush Like Laura Mercier's $20, Smudge Deepest brown matte (As) on outer ¾ corner of the top lash line not to exceed the iris and not up to the crease. Keeping it closest to the lash line. Tap the very tip into the darkest color and smudge the lash line upwards with tiny strokes. Keep the darkest colors always to the lash line vs. the crease. In the photo I have it at an angle and the ferrule of the brush is flat against my lid.

5. With your eyes open, Blend you medium (middle) shades like the rose gold shimmer to the crease. twist the very tip of the brush into the shadow. Lightly dust the shadow into the crease. Not the "literal crease" but almost above the crease in a windshield wiper motion with eyes open. This helps you see where the color is going! A great crease brush is the Tapered Blender $13 from Bdelliumm brushes. Get it on Amazon HERE

6. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes with the lightest color of the palette. Use matte lightest color to highlight the brow bone. (80s called and wants their shimmering brow bone back)

7. Rim the inner lower lash line with a black gel pencil. I just fell in love with the black cherry color pencil from HAUS Labratories in BURN $18 a plum pencil to under lower lashes by dotting it under the lashes.

8. Finish with black waterproof layered on top and a burgundy mascara on the bottom tips of lashes. A long time obsession is the Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (Luxurious Mascara) - 05 Burgundy - 7.5ml/0.25oz

NOTE: Some artists like to tell you NO to bottom liner. Anyone CAN ROCK the BOTTOM MASCARA AND LINER, when it's applied properly. Criss-cross and wiggle the mascara into the roots. smudge a shimmery shade of shadow into the lower lash line like tiny "X's"

Voila! Optional- 9. Beth’ loves a super bright under-eye so her makeup artist pairs it with YSL Yves Saint Laurent Ysl Touche Eclat Radiant Touch 2.5Ml - 3 - Luminous Peach (light peachy) to brighten up the undereye area after a Smokey eye.

10. THE PERFECT Nude Gloss (Hello JLo Lip) Nudist$18 gloss from Beauty Fort Real Light Up gloss in Nudist HERE and available at

Questions? Visit me for more tips visit me on Instagram @luckycatbeauty

My DESERT ISLAND PRODUCTS: The Rolls Royce of Foundations, paired with the Rolls Royce of makeup brushes, ELLIS FAAS Foundation, aka Skin Veil, matched with ARTIS BRUSH OVAL #6 Matte black blend the 1 pump of makeup from the back of hand foundation and buff ELLIS FAAS SKIN VEIL on flat parts of the face first and work into skin using circular motions. I will take the "Pepsi Challenge" on this foundation. You can't beat it. That should say a lot since I worked for Laura Mercier for 15years :) email me for a sample!

(I am wearing the S102 Shade. For super fair skins try the S101, and even darker skin tones love the S107, SA108!)

Step by Step Video Coming Soon! I redid it for better step by step. I will upload asap!

For More Videos on this look-visit me on Facebook! @luckycatbeauty or go back to


I had a little fun with my cousin Nene and dressed her us up on my patio since the World Series was on the same night as Halloween! Check out my Amazon Shopping list how I created this last-minute costume idea!

Some of the products tagged here may earn me a tiny commission. These are the tried and true products I’ve loved for years and they thank me for the referral from time to time. Enjoy and purchase at your own discretion. I cannot guarantee anyone else’s products other than my own. To read my full explanation HERE. Happy SHOPPING!


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