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TIPS TUESDAY: 3 Common Blush Mistakes

Updated: 4/14/20 by Aubrie Layne

Forget everything you've read on Pinterest:

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Mistake #1 Applying blush directly to the apples while smiling a big cheese. This is true and false. The catch here, is almost everyone applies cheek color incorrectly. But it's not your fault. I am sure you have heard the phrase many times. Everyone has a different bone structure so we can't paint with broad brush-pun totally intended- one size fits all approach to cheek color.

In this post, I will guide you through the proper way to apply any type of blush for most face shapes. You will be able to tell right away that the blush applied properly higher up cheekbones lifting the face while blush applied to low or "literal apples" will pull your face down.


  • Creme, Powder or Liquid Blush

  • Nylon Foundation Brush

  • Chiseled Cheek Brush

  • Translucent Powder

  • Mirror


Looking in the mirror or iPhone camera- grin, and find the apples of your cheeks. Then don't smile.

If you apply too much blush to the apples your cheek color will be way to low or close to the jawline when you are not smiling, pulling the face done.

Looking in the mirror, locate the front of your cheekbone and orbital bone. (the eye socket) feel the point where the highest part of your cheekbone is. With a slight grin, apply the cheek color slightly HIGHER and counteract your orbital bone while blending softly toward your hairline.

Mistake #2 -Applying Concealer after cheek color: blush is best after you’ve applied under eye concealer. Applying blush before concealer will create unnatural ring around the eyes adding another step of reapplying blush.

Mistake #3 Matching Blush to your Lipstick. The days of the hot pink blush paired with the hot pink lipstick. We can blame that on Carol Baskins, just kidding.

When you're not sure what blush shade is best—stick to a coral on most skin tones & even with a red or Fuschia lipstick, go with a pinky-brown or coral.


Grab your favorite blush and brush- I love this classic balmy cream Stila Convertible Lip & Cheek Color in Peony (Brownish Pink) $25 

Cream blushes work great with foundation brushes like

and natural hair chiseled brushes work great with mineral or powder cheek colors like Nars Wanted Palette Limited Edition II $60

Using your favorite cheek color and coordinating brush- take a few swipes of color of the product. Use the back of your hand as your palette to remove some excess.

Apply blush on one side of the face repeating the smiling/no smiling, Which side is higher? If you know by know you’re smiling and frowning but give it a try and you’ll see!

Failproof Products:

Use a creme cheek or foundation brush like this one from Bdellium Foundation Brush $15.99 for liquid bronzers & creme blushes

FOR DRY SKIN or cheeks that fade-

You can layer creme and powder blushes for longer wear or use a setting powder to prolong creme cheek products too! Try

BECCA Loose Powder Refresh & Set $39 it feels damp to the touch and melts into skin while setting the makeup and curing shine without the powdery look of traditional powders. 



Long-wearing liquid products are sometimes tricky to apply but

Some of my favorite waterproof liquid blushes are by ELLIS FAAS IN S301 & S302.  ELLIS FAAS is a makeup artist from Amsterdam and founded one of the first vegan beauty brands. The built-in brush makes it handy for cheep and lip application. Ellis Faas Cosmetics is sold exclusively in Houston at Lucky Cat Beauty Studio and


Net-a-porter dubbed this brush the Rolls-Royce of makeup brushes-

Artis Elite Smoke Oval 7 Brush - Oval Makeup Brush - Luxury Synthetic Makeup Brush - Ideal for Foundation, Contour, Highlight, Blush - Use with liquids, powders and cream $65 and you'll see why. Its incredible fort all creme makeup products such as foundation, concealer and creme blush & liquid bronzers. I will take the Pepsi Challenge with this Vs. the Beauty Blender any day!

Allure Magazine Best Beauty Award Winner, Clean Beauty brand and Houston based Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi is my TOP PICK for best bronzing gel for all skin types. Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Antipollution Sunshine Serum. Replenishing Face and Body Bronzing Serum for Fine Lines and Wrinkles (1 Ounce).$36


and Facetime Consultations! Free Shipping and Complimentary product recommendations & virtual appointments.

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