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Best Amazon Prime Deals to DIY Halloween Costumes

Updated: Apr 1

To prepare for Halloween its never too early. Literally, I have a note on my phone year round that when I have a great idea for a Halloween costume, I can always remember what to do. If you happen to need some ideas, I am always happy to help come up with something clever. Now, what will make your costume AMAZING? MAKEUP, DUH! Since it only happens like 2x per year, lets celebrate Amazon Prime Day, and stock up on some costume essentials for my Halloween Costume DIY, Flo From Progressive Edition! Be sure to check out my DIY Halloween Costume Idea list on my Amazon Influencer Page!

Take me to the Flo from Progressive Blog Post HERE for the complete shopping list follow these links and take advantage of the Amazon Prime sale! Don't have Prime yet? Get it for 50% OFF with my link!

Aubrie Layne as Flo from Progressive
Aubrie Layne as Flo from Progressive

want more ideas? I have updated my links on deals! In this new section, I will share my curated Amazon Shopping lists as well as shoppable images.


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