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HOW TO: Everything You Should Know How to Apply Faux Strip & Individual Eyelashes

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

How to Apply Strip & Individual Eyelashes-by Aubrie Layne

Photo Credit: Cody Bess Model: Lauren Inmon


PREP TIP: We highly recommend using the “TIGHTLINE Technique “ to line the roots of natural lashes to ensure the band of lashes is concealed. Our Gel Eyeliner & eyeliner brush such as the Laura Mercier Flat Eyeliner Brush

It all started with lashes. My passion for lashes is what led me to create my own custom line of vegan, eco-chic faux eyelashes. For years I would travel the globe looking for the best eyelashes out there. As a global makeup artist visiting Japan for Laura Mercier Cosmetics over 15 years ago. Now I use the worlds leading manufacturer for my line of lashes and in this post, I will guide you to my bulletproof techniques on #howtoapplyeyelashes


To remove the faux eyelash from the tray, using thump press the lash downwards with small pulls loosening the lash band from tray.


To soften the band, pinch each end of the lash and roll it back and forth into a U shape.

Hold the lash strip up to your eye to measure placement and if you need to cut it to fit. Mark where you need to trim it with your fingers.


Use a small scissors-like THE BROWGAL SCISSORS and trim the excess from the OUTER CORNER of the lash strip. For lashes with a Crisscross pattern, trim at an angle.


STRIP LASHES- using your favorite lash adhesive, apply the glue directly to the band end to end and allow 10-15 seconds for the glue to get tacky. Some glues dry a little faster than others so please follow their instructions. Place the lash onto the eyelashes closest to the roots.

INDIVIDUAL LASHES: Apply a small amount of lash glue to the corner of the eyelash tray. Take flat-edged tweezers and pull cluster off the tray gently near the knot. Dip the knot into a dot of LASH ADHESIVE allow a few seconds to dry.

TIP: Looking down into a mirror below your chin, place one cluster about 2/3rds of the way on the outer corner of the eye. The 2nd cluster right next to each other. To start, Try 3-5 clusters on each side to determine how many you might need.


After lashes have dried, use the LASH GIZMO to gently pinch together the natural lash & faux lashes. You can first pinch the lashes together near the tips then a second pinch closer in to marry the roots together. Finish with a felt tip eyeliner to camouflage edges if needed.


PRO TIP: Always apply faux lashes after eye makeup is complete & Mascara has been applied The strip lashes will last for many more uses if you do not apply mascara on top. Although we LOVE using a colored mascara such as navy or purple on the tips for added flare. If you do use mascara over the lashes be sure to clean them off gently before next use.

Use your pointer finger and thumb to gently pinch the faux lash at the outer corner and pull inwards. Remove access glue from the band and replace it into the tray and secure it in an anti-static Ziploc bag for next use. Sleeping in lashes are not recommended. DO NOT apply strip lashes with wig glue or adhesive labeled for Individual eyelashes.

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