lucky cat beauty by Aubrie Layne

TIPS TUESDAY How To:Apply Blush Like A Pro

As a makeup artist, I teach my clients that in makeup, there are rules you can break and some you can't and you never have to be in any box! If it works for you, have fun with it!  Do what makes you feel good brings you joy. Makeup is fun and celebrate its magic! There’s so many endless beauty hacks out there how do you know what rules apply to you?

Makeup can give you energy and lift your spirits. love a good pick me up trick, and god knows we can use it these days. Are feeling a little blah on my Zoom calls lately? In this post I will share some fail proof tips so anyone can to be a cheek color ninja.

Photo by Cody Bess
Lucky Cat Beauty Model Lauren Inmon


Many people apply blush incorrectly or just avoid it all together-if you take “apple method” too literally its can go all wrong and backfire. For example: your blush is all over the place and too low, it can pull the face down. in the incorrect spot it can actually make you look older.