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lucky cat beauty by Aubrie Layne

Are you applying your blush wrong?NEW VIDEO!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

As a makeup artist, I teach my clients that in makeup, there are rules you can break and some you can't and you never have to be in any box! If it works for you, have fun with it!  Do what makes you feel good brings you joy. Makeup is fun and celebrate its magic! There’s so many endless beauty hacks out there how do you know what rules apply to you?

Makeup can give you energy and lift your spirits. love a good pick me up trick, and god knows we can use it these days. Are feeling a little blah on my Zoom calls lately? In this post I will share some fail proof tips so anyone can to be a cheek color ninja.

Photo by Cody Bess
Lucky Cat Beauty Model Lauren Inmon


"Many people apply blush incorrectly or just avoid it all together-if you take “apple method” too literally its can go all wrong and backfire. "-Aubrie
with that method, if you are not smiling your blush is all over the place and too low, it can pull the face down and it can actually make you look older!

 “Cheekbones are often overlooked, but next to the eyes, it's the most important feature on your face! “

Everyone has a different bone structure so we can't paint everything with a broad brush-pun totally intended- one size fits all approach to cheek color. 

TIP: you are the type that avoids blush or cheek color because you have roscacea, try a matte browny peach blush instead


Looking in the mirror or iPhone and a camera-ready grin, find the apples of your cheeks and note where your apples are-when smiling and not smiling

One one side of your face start at the front of your cheekbone just under your eye and orbital bone (the eye socket) and the point where the highest part of your cheekbone is.  Lightly apply the cheek color a touch HIGHER to your CHEEKBONE than you think you should while counteracting your orbital bone. Blend in circles softly back toward your hairline. 

”.. blush should be flattering when you are not smiling too!”

On the other side apply your cheek color with the typical Apple method. Then compare the two sides of your face with the different applications- You can see the blush that is higher under the orbital bone actually lifting the face and cheekbones! 


To hide large pores or wrinkles, avoid shimmery blushes or highlighters actually accentuate it! Switch to a balmy setting lotion or beauty balm to create highlights instead. 

Overdoing it? You can also use your foundation sponge to touch up under the jawline to clean up or soften the edges of your blush.

-You don't always need to use a bronzer and a blush at the same time. Many people can use a matte browney pink as a contour, bronzer and blush! If you like to pair blush and bronzer, use the bronzer underneath the cheekbones, jawline and hairline with a pop of blush to the top of the apples counteracting the orbital bone



The days of the hot pink blush paired with the hot pink lipstick. We can blame that on Carol Baskins, just kidding.Try a coral blush with a red lip color


Blush Application is best after you’ve applied under eye concealer. Applying blush before concealer will create an unnatural ring around the eyes adding a raccoon effect.


When you have dark circles or under eye puff, applying blush to the top of the cheekbones will counteract the darkness and brighten the area


When you're not sure what blush shade is best—stick to a matte coral for warmer skin tones or pinky brown for on fair/cool skin tones. Olive and Deeper skin tones can always rock a bright orange hue.

If you are super oily, try a or blush fades really easily, you can pair a cream blush with a powder blush or translucent HD Powder.  TRY Lucky Cat Beauty HD Powder $30 I also swear by the fade proof liquid blush  from Ellis Faas Cosmetics in shade S301 & S302. Pair it with the ARTIS Brush Elite Oval 7 $65 for a mistake proof application.
Lucky Cat Beauty HD Setting Powder

I hope you enjoyed my latest TIP TUESDAY! For more tips visit me on Instagram @luckycatbeauty

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