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lucky cat beauty by Aubrie Layne

Resolution Hacks: HOW TO WASH YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES by luckycatbeauty

Welcome back! One of your many resolutions might be to finally clear out the clutter and wash those damn brushes collecting dust on your vanity-

How do you clean your makeup brushes and how often? Its very important to take care of your investments and care for them like you would any tool in your toolbox. They key is to know why and when. 

 At home for the everyday person the care is slightly different than the professionals. For the pros that work on multiple faces, eyes and lips it’s ESSENTIAL to practice the utmost sanitary conditions.  In my 25 years I’ve never experienced any complaints or run into the scary stories you might read about online and this is why I maintain cleanliness of my tools. 

Not only can unwashed brushes harbor bacteria, but the constant buildup can also wear on the bristles and ruin them over time & make the hairs rough & frizzy. 

Breakouts and destroyed brushes? Hi, no thanks. But shoving all your brushes into a cup full of water and calling it a day, unfortunately, is not gonna cut it. So grab your makeup bag and follow the below advice on how to clean makeup brushes properly. I promise it won’t be that bad—or at least not as bad as taking off your makeup. 

Can dirty makeup brushes cause pimples?

YES. Not only can dirty makeup brushes caked with product buildup make the application process challenging (blending is hard when your fluffy brush is more like a clumpy brush), they’re also notorious for collecting bacteria that can cause acne breakouts or worse. In other words, makeup and skin experts aren’t nagging you to wash your brushes for their own health—they’re doing it for yours. 

How often should I wash makeup brushes?

How frequently you need to give your brush bristles a good scrub-down depends on how often you use your brushes and what you use them for. 

At home care differs slightly than how often professionals need to and what we use. Some experts suggest cleaning them a couple times a month, while the American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing them every seven to 10 days—either way, it’s likely way more often than you’re used to doing it. But don’t freak out—with a combination of easy tricks and genius products, even the laziest of lazys can wash their tools with ease.


What should you clean makeup brushes with?

Don’t be fooled by spinning gadgets and potions & beware, not all brush cleaners are created equal. The first step in washing your brushes is choosing a cleanser that won’t destroy them (aka no harsh detergents). Inexpensive one can loaded with too much oil, or too much alcohol that can be drying. 

Many brands sell products specifically designed for makeup brushes, but you CAN also use a mild soap like the new Rainwater Scented MYERS hand wash or gentle dish soap to shampoo once a month.  

For frequent quick sanitization use a spray cleanser for makeup brushes that dries quick and won’t leave residue. 

Best Practices for Brush Washing:

It's important to not submerge the whole brush into water or let them soak in a hot bath. Keep the brush head downwards Avoid getting water down into the ferrule although sometimes it's tempting. Use a dollop of hand soap in the palm of your hand and swipe side to side and back and forth, rinse and repeat until the water runs clear.   Squeeze out excess water and let flat to try. 

For Eyeliner brushes & Concealer Brushes you may want to dip those in a spray cleanser (lid) or oil based makeup remover to remove waterproof gel liners that can cake up. 

When you buy brand new brushes you should also cleanse them first to remove any excess dye or cornstarch used to stick bristles together that protects them from shipping and also makes it easy for that little plastic tube to go on. Side note: DO NOT TRY TO PUT THAT TUBE BACK ON. Toss it-

For Spray Brush Cleansers- Use a textured paper towel that doesn't lint. Spray a few sprays onto the towel and brush side to side. Don't swirl the brush or twist the bristles.  You can also use a squeegee like towel as well. 

4 Must-Try Makeup Brush Cleansers

Japonesque Brush Cleanser Citrus $27 also in Rose & Travel Size for easy refilling too!

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