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Get Rodeo Ready with Us!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It’s that time of year in Houston! The annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is back! As we head into pre-rodeo mode I thought I’d inspire you with some of my favorite looks and products I’m loving right now.

I’m sure you are already planning your outfit, hiring the sitter and (hopefully) booking your makeup artist for the nights you’re going to see your favorite artist! The lineup for this year is great! I will be seeing Gwen Stefani on St Paddy’s Day with my girls!

When you think of rodeo fashion and makeup it can be full glam or something very natural and Smokey. The key is to make it long wearing and weatherproof in the unpredictable Houston weather.

One of my favorite makeup artists Scott Barnes, who works with oh, J-Lo has his own line of cosmetics. He has some incredible body glow lotions in a pearly glow and an original shade of bronze BODY BLING PLATINUM & BODY BLING ORIGINAL $42 . A long lasting body lotion with shimmer for real life and on camera. I love this because there’s no mess or worry like with self tanner and the platinum version is great for fair skin babies who want a glow but can never find a shade for them.

NARS new WANTED EYESHADOW PALETTE $72 is perfect for all skin tones. The pigments are incredible and the price is just right for what you get.

I love to accessorize with turquoise eyeliner just like jewelry. The key to wearing color eyeliner is to always use the “tight line” technique. You have to line the lash line with a black or deep brown gel liner in the roots for definition of the lash line.

You could also tight line with a FELT TIP VERSION FROM Lucky Cat Beauty

Apply the turquoise liner on top of lashes in a very thin line. I like the gel pencil style from L’Oréal Silken Turquoise Waterproof Eyeliner . You can also line water line paired with a Smokey brown eye on top of you like

We’re kinda obsessed with STILA MetallicMetals  shadow in Kitten Karma $24. Metallic eye colors are still super hot right now. Speaking of hot, in Texas you need to wear an eyeshadow base like Lucky Cat Beauty’s bestseller EYE & LIP PRIMER $23. Can be worn alone or under liquid or powder shadows too.

Pair it with your favorite “J-LO GLOW” nude gloss like the ultimate BEST NUDE GLOSS  EVER ELLIS FAAS L308 $37 finish with a little bronzer-we love Tarte at the moment thanks to Tarte for sending!!

If you have trouble with your makeup staying in place you can always add airbrush to your makeup service. We apply the airbrush to the makeup base like a top coat and insures it to last for 8+ hours.

If you happen to go to cookoff next week, stop by my teams tent the Goody Girls and say hi!! Cook Off is February 27, 28 & 29th and kicks off the Houston Rodeo March 3! For more info visit and 

Side Note:I’ll be out of the studio all week until next Tuesday.

Next Post: Survival Guide to Houston CookOff.

Let’s Rodeo, xx


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