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Does CBD In Beauty Products Really Work

Updated: Mar 12, 2020


-We Say YES! Here's why..

1. Full of Antioxidants Anti-oxidants help detox our bodies from “free radicals,” the everyday pathogens and carcinogens that can literally suck the life out of you. Foods like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, potatoes, beans, apples, and dark chocolate are loaded with antioxidants - and so is CBD! So enjoy some delicious fruit and a bit of dark chocolate, then find a good source of CBD to protect your skin from the harm caused by everyday toxins.

2. Great Source of Vitamins D and E Vitamins D and E have been associated with nourishing and protecting all skin types, and CBD oil is packed with them. These vitamins help restore your skin health by adding elasticity. I encourage you to find foods that are full of these vitamins, but also consider CBD because it has so many other healthy properties, as you will see...

3. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids The National Institute of Health has reported: “A deficiency of essential fatty acids—either omega-3s or omega-6s—can cause rough, scaly skin and dermatitis.” We know that we can get omega-3s from fish and other foods, but CBD oil is also rich in these vital nutrients. A topical CBD oil cream can deliver all the omega-3s you need for a beautiful wedding-ready glow!

4. An All-Natural Antibacterial You likely recall from health class that your skin is your largest organ, and our first line of defense against toxins and germs. That’s a big, important job! We can help our skin out by bolstering our immune systems with natural antibiotics available in your local grocery store, like garlic, honey, thyme, and oregano. These are known for their ability to fight bacterial infections from the inside out, and CBD acts in the same way, by fighting bacteria on our skin and in our bodies. CBD oil can be taken orally, or as a skin cream to help fight bacteria – because sick skin is so NOT in!

5. Cell Rejuvenation Did you know that each of us also has an “endocannabinoid system” that creates its own cannabinoids? That’s right - your body is ALREADY working to create the same health effects that the cannabis plant provides. Unfortunately, some people have systems that do not perform well, and this is when CBD supplements can help jumpstart a failing endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system plays a huge role in the life cycle of basal cells, which make up the inner layer of the epidermis. For basal cells to stay healthy, they must go through a growing cycle, where old cells are discarded and new cells grow. By manipulating the endocannabinoid system, you can regulate the life cycle of basal cells, leaving you with more youthful, radiant skin. Our overall health - including our skin health - relies on our ability to grow new cells and discard dead ones, and topical application of CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system to deliver natural cannabinoids to the receptors in our body, which leads to cell - and skin - rejuvenation.

6. Anti-inflammatory If you’re tired of popping ibuprofen every time you have joint pain, try CBD oil as a preventive measure. Instead of treating the pain caused by inflammation, you should get to the root cause of it. In our endocannabinoid system, the CBD2 receptor is linked to the immune system, which regulates inflammation. If there is a problem with your CBD2s, or if your body isn’t making enough cannabinoids, then you may be in pain from inflammation, which can cause skin and joint problems. CBD oil can help not only with the pain, but with the root cause – a lack of cannabinoid production. Make sure you’re not fighting back pain on your wedding day by being proactive with any potential inflammation problems.

7. Helps Fight Acne The only breakout any bride should be thinking about on her wedding day is how to breakout on the dance floor! Because of the anti-inflammatory properties mentioned above, CBD can help prevent and treat acne. Cannabidiol can regulate skin oil production, therefore reducing breakouts before the big day. 8. Helps Treat Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) According to the National Eczema Association, “Cannabinoids represent an exciting prospect for the future of AD (atopic dermatitis) therapy. With measurable anti-itch, anti-pain, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties, the effect of cannabinoids in patients with AD has already begun to be demonstrated.” If you have struggled with eczema/AD, then seek out a pure source of topical CBD oil for relief. You shouldn’t be showing signs of the seven-year-itch on your wedding day!

9. Try CBD Oil to Bolster Your Health

I call CBD a super-oil because the healing properties are so great, and can help reverse the effects of toxins on our bodies. We have reached the point when scientists and universities have been able to research the effects of CBD and THC separately, and found that pure CBD oil on its own is safe to use, and does not have the psychoactive effects of THC. A source of vital nutrients and immune-boosters, cannabidiol can help your overall health, giving you the energy you need to walk down the aisle with confidence.

10. Calming Properties

“But I don’t want to be high on my wedding day!” you may be thinking. Remember, CBD contains no THC, and will not make you high; BUT, cannabidiol on its own can have a calming effect for many people, because CBD targets receptors throughout the nervous system. So if you’re feeling some pre-wedding jitters, CBD oil may help! As you can see, CBD oil is a one-stop-shop for many health benefits. As CBD oil products flood the market, not all of them are going to have pure CBD in it. Make sure the products you use are authentic by asking the company where they receive their oil from, and whether the Department of Agriculture regulates production - as is the case in Colorado, Michigan, and California. Companies like Whoopi and Maya, Charlotte’s Web, and Lord Jones offer high-quality CBD oil products.

Dr. Millie Hernandez has been practicing medicine in NYC for the past thirty years. She recently started her own organic CBD oil skincare line, TEScosmetics, to provide an alternative to cosmetics filled with chemicals. Excerpted from the Bridal Guide Courtesy of Lucky Cat Beauty Cosmetics


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