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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We Love All Things Lashes Ova Here!

Many women ask me over the years if there is such a thing as a perm for lashes...and YES there is! This can be a game changer for super straight lashes that grow straight down and that never hold a curl with traditional lash curlers. The Permanent LASH LIFT is done in professional spas or by licensed eyelash artists. LASH LIFTING is a 2 step process that tints and lifts the lashes using a tiny rod to curl the lash and lasts for about 6 months or more.

If you're reluctant about using a permanent solution on the eyes, prefer a more natural approach, or its not offered in your area I would like to share one of my favorite at home tricks for lifting your own lashes. Here's how to DIY it yourself at HOME!

Start buy using the tried and true REVITALASH, Eye Lash Serum $98. Make sure to use it every night. in as little as 30 days you should see your lashes start to sprout! This is probably the best product out there that grows lashes and brows. I have been recommending it for many years. Its tried and true! You will see most results in 3-6 months with regular nightly use so be patient! This is great for sensitive skin. The feedback I have gotten in the past is its less likely to irritate the eyelids than the prescription. This is the ALL TIME BEST PRODUCT FOR BROW & LASH growth serums. I have recommended this product for over 20 years!! Revitalash is offering great deals for their semi-annual sale

To create the illusion that lashes at the root are thicker use the Tightline Technique to line the roots of your lashes with gel eyeliner before applying mascara. Its on my TO LIST to tape a video on this, I found another tutorial on how to do the tight line technique, I included a little snippet of a Vlogger that does a nice job explaining it HERE

Next, Use your favorite lash primer. We love Revitalash Lash Primer because its BLUE! No need to use those chunky white ones you've seen in the past. Revitalash also offers kits and sets with travel versions and dual ended mascara/primers too. HERE is a link for this handy little set. RevitaLash Cosmetics, Double-Ended Volume Set / Volumizing Primer & Volumizing Mascara, Hypoallergenic & Cruelty Free $34.50

Follow with the heated lash curler from Japonesque. This one is about $16 and cant beat it. Its great for super stubborn lashes. Heat the lashes at the root for about 15 seconds. You can also repeat this step at the mid-length of lashes to get more curl. I prefer this curler to most because you can use it post mascara and wont pinch lashes.

Be patient when your curling them. Try to shimmy the root of your lashes at the base into the wand and hold for about 30 seconds.

SIDE NOTE: You might need to add one AAA battery. They used to come with batteries but I think they do not anymore!

Using a metal lash comb make sure your lashes are free of clumps throughout the steps..

Then, coat the lashes with your favorite mascara from root to tip. Let Dry. You can layer the new Kat Von D Mascara KAT VON D Go Big or Go Home Mascara - Full Size 0.33 oz. $22.99to layer on top. It has these fibers that fill the ends of the lashes to create more length without clumping. I am really loving this right now!

After the mascara is dry use the heated lash curler to do another heat and curl step. then VOILA I promise you will be impressed.

If you would like to take it a step further you can also add 3-4 clusters of individual lashes on the CENTER of the eye just above the iris. The key here is to use the shortest length of individual lash you can find. Some come in a variety of lengths all in one pack. Just make sure they blend in with the length of your lashes.

We'd love to hear what you think! Or send us a pic! If you would like more tips, please shoot us an email at




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