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40 Best tricks to Get a New Headshot

Updated: Apr 1

Have you noticed that the pandemic has made many people change careers, update their business branding with new images, pivot to a real estate career, fulfill a lifelong dream or simply update their LinkedIn profile? I can’t stress enough you need a killer headshot and hire some professionals to help you portray the message you want to share with the world. I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of getting my real estate license, which inspired this blog post. As a makeup artist, I am constantly getting requests for help on getting the best headshot. Here are my best practices for getting a new headshot!

Nowadays, the headshot photography industry is very developed. Headshot poses differ depending on the sphere you are going to use such images. Gone are the days of the boring headshot. You can use my tips to stand out and get an incredible shot.

Photo by Tracy Eason Photography, Makeup by Aubrie Layne. Click Image to keep reading...

READ all 40 Tips on my other blog page,!

Photo by Tracy Easo n Photography, Houston Texas

Aubrie layne headshot
Photo by Tracy Eason

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