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lucky cat beauty by Aubrie Layne

How to Apply Felt Tip Liner to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

Updated: Mar 13

Tilt head back and look down into mirror. Secure elbow holding liner on a flat surface and rest hand face for support. Use other hand to gently pull eye tight.

Start by using a sharp pencil, gel eyeliner or cake liner with a square brush and connect the roots of the lashes from underneath using the tightline technique. You need to get all the little spaces in between the lashes filled in with liner. If you skip this technique you will get your liner too thick and the cat eyeliner will float too high above the lash line and make the eye look smaller.

Tap the felt tip liner on the back of your hand to start the flow of the product at a 45 degree angle.

Start liner at outermost 3/4ths of the corner of your eye. Use very small tiny brush like strokes keeping the felt tip liner horizontal. Place the liner tip as close to lash line as possible.

Stop short of the outer lash line and don't follow it all the way down.

Continue it in a straight horizontal line just short of the end of outer lash line.

Imagine a straighter across flick of the brush.

When you're looking straight head, the angle of the flick should be the right shape for your eye.

Make sure you are keeping your chin up, eyes looking down into the mirror with the mirror under your chin. Apply more pressure to create a thicker line.

The inner corner can be connected after. Be sure its thinner on the inner corner. Dip a cotton swab in makeup remover to touch up any imperfections.

PRO TIPS: If you can't master the outer flick of the corner, you can always use a pencil liner or eyeshadow and smudge to get it how you like it and trace over it once you get the desired shape.

If you want to add some fun color, take a bright blue liner and apply it very thinly on the inner corner fading into the thicker outer corner.

We love layering ELLIS FAAS LIGHTS #E305 (the mermaid color) on top of black for maximum pop. In the summer, turquoise, aqua and blue. is always a beautiful option.

For Green eyes, layer a plum liner on top of black liner to brighten the eyes and bring out the color.

If you get transfer or smudge in your crease from humidity you may want to take the liner a little thinner and use a little translucent powder on the lids to absorb excess oils.

Remember to relax, its just makeup. Anything Goes! To book an appointment for a makeup tutorial, visit luckycatbeauty.com

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