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the cat's out of the bag....


Cats at Home
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After 8 years our lease was up at the Decorative Center Houston. Its definitely bittersweet but after touring the city's salon suite locations I settled on the BRAND NEW Salon Lofts Galleria location in Tanglewood. 

When choosing the location I had all of YOU in mind. So, hopefully you'll be in soon to see me!

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Behind the DoubleTree Hotel, The Capitol Grill and Next to BurgerChan, River Oaks Cleaners and more. The main streets are W Alabama meets Sage, near SAKS Fifth Ave...some of you may recognize my old salon location across the street! Just look for SALON LOFTS and park there. Inside the main doors turn left at the marquee screen. 

5353 W Alabama St. 

Suite 101 Loft 23

Houston TX 77056



We've MOVED!

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