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– For fair skin, a foundation with a neutral mix of undertones. With an exceptional balance of high-quality ingredients, Skin Veil glides on in a thin layer, blending into the skin. A foundation that illuminates the skin without feeling or appearing like a mask.WHY – To achieve an even skin tone. Skin Veil minerals diffuse light across the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aubrie's Pro Tip: Try it with the ARTIS or YUBI brushes for a life changing finish!


ELLIS FAAS foundation incorporates moisturizing ingredients which nourish and protect the skin.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – Vitamin E and a special selection of natural minerals.


HOW – Apply Skin Veil on the T-zone (forehead and nose) and fade outwards with the brush or fingertips to provide sufficient and natural-looking coverage. Within just a few minutes, Skin Veil becomes one with the skin. Apply a second layer for more coverage. Watch the instruction video! Recommended for each skin type.No scent. No parabens. No animal testingAchieve a smooth, flawless complexion with the Skin Veil Bottle from an internationally recognized brand, Ellis Faas. Infused with moisturizing ingredients and light-diffusing minerals, the weightless formula promotes porcelain skin with a neutral undertone. Blending seamlessly onto skin, the liquid foundation nourishes and protects, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for an airbrushed finish. Expect an even, photo-ready complexion without caking or heavy coverage.

Form: LiquidSkin type: For All Skin Types

ELLIS FAAS-Skin Veil S101L

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