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Inspired by our muse Allie LaForce- 20 % of sales get donated to the Foundation!

Luxurious, creamy lipstick with a modern matte finish. Delivers saturated color, intense hydration and extended wear, for soft, smooth, beautiful lips.

  • Ultra-longwear lipstick
  • Modern matte finish
  • High pigment coverage


24 hr Hydra Technology provides long-lasting, intense hydration. Suspended Pigments create a soft cushion, comfort and long lasting wear. Sodium Hyaluronate keeps lips soft, smooth and hydrated.

Allie Lip Color

  • Huntington’s Disease is a hereditary brain disorder with no current known cure. Over 30,000 people are suffering from Huntington’s Disease in the United States alone. The disease causes a deterioration in nerve cells, making it difficult to complete everyday tasks- walking becomes difficult, cognition slows, and the individual becomes completely unable to care for themselves.

    The HelpCureHD Foundation was created to help those suffering from this neurological disorder as well as helping aid in the journey to finding a cure. HelpCureHD was inspired by Lee Smith, mother to Joe Smith, pitcher for the Houston Astros, who was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease in 2012.

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