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Each of our eye shadow palettes offers nine motivating and empowering shades in four finishes: matte, sheen, shimmer, and metallic. Each of these natural shades easily blends and never crease, and can create any eye look you desire. This palette offers rich, true-to-color pigment payoff with each swipe of application.


Be Your Own Kind of Beauty

This nine-pan shadow collection allows you to go from simple to sultry, to evening glam. With neutrals, golds, and a soft matte black, this palette truly allows you to be your own kind of beauty no matter the time of day or day of the week.


Fine: Shimmering pearl. The perfect shade to highlight or to dot in the inner corner of the eyes to make them pop. Fabulous: Shimmering champagne. Ideal to place over the entire lid up into the crease. Fun: Shimmering light gold. Perfect for an every day look with a hint of glam. Strong: Matte mink. Place this color in the crease or the outer V of the eye for a soft, glam look. Proud: Light copper sheen.

Use this to create a soft shimmering effect from the inner corner of the eyelid and smoke out underneath your bottom lashes. Courageous: Honey pecan sheen. Perfect accent color to begin adding dimension to your look. Smart: Matte black. Ideal for the classic smoky eye effect, or a smoked out eyeliner. Creative: Dark lilac sheen. For a daring evening or night out, place this over the entire lid. Unique: Dark copper sheen. For those who don’t want to commit to darker shades, using this shade will still add depth and drama to your eye look.


REAL APPLICATION Using the lightest shade, apply with our REALHER This Is Me eyeshadow brush evenly across the brow bone down to the crease. With a medium shade, apply with the same brush in pressed motions across the eye lid. With the darkest shade of choice, either push into the last line to create a sunset effect or apply in the outer corner of the eyes for a more dramatic effect.


REAL TIPS Get the most out of your palette. Each Shadow Palette contains colors that can be multi-used as a gorgeous highlighter. When used with an angled brush, the palette can be used as an eyeliner- wet or dry. REAL PAIRING Apply any of the REALHER Shadow Palettes with one of the glowing REALHER Highlighters. The results of our colors may vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to: lighting, skin tone, screen resolution, etc.


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