lucky cat beauty by Aubrie Layne

Who are Houston's Next Heroes? Check out the mention from Houston Chronicle!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

We are so honored to be on the same page as these incredible people. Thank you to our client Brandi Smith for the SHOT-OUT! Another Lucky Cat Beauty fan made the list as well, Alba Huerta! Another thing in common, these to Texas Treasures has a lipstick made and inspired by them. See the shades HERE

KHOU-TV’s Brandi Smith, herself one of the city’s most influential people, bandied about some names.

"I think Rep. Dan Crenshaw has real potential to make a name for himself in Houston and, ultimately, Washington, D.C." Smith says, adding that she's not endorsing, simply observing. "I'm curious to see where his career takes him, but I suspect 10 years from now he will still be involved in Texas politics at some level."

She also name-checked Lucky Cat Beauty owner Aubrie Layne and Eureka Heights Brewing Company’s Casey Motes.

Read the full article with the link below..or click on the picture!

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