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Lucky Cat Beauty Studio 
5120 Woodway Drive Suite 9018
Houston Tx, 77056
Located Inside Decorative Center Houston 9th Floor

lucky cat beauty by Aubrie Layne

Who are Houston's Next Heroes? Check out the mention from Houston Chronicle!

Updated: Mar 13

We are so honored to be on the same page as these incredible people. Thank you to our client Brandi Smith for the SHOT-OUT! Another Lucky Cat Beauty fan made the list as well, Alba Huerta! Another thing in common, these to Texas Treasures has a lipstick made and inspired by them. See the shades HERE

KHOU-TV’s Brandi Smith, herself one of the city’s most influential people, bandied about some names.

"I think Rep. Dan Crenshaw has real potential to make a name for himself in Houston and, ultimately, Washington, D.C." Smith says, adding that she's not endorsing, simply observing. "I'm curious to see where his career takes him, but I suspect 10 years from now he will still be involved in Texas politics at some level."

She also name-checked Lucky Cat Beauty owner Aubrie Layne and Eureka Heights Brewing Company’s Casey Motes.

Read the full article with the link below..or click on the picture!