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Self-Quarantined: 25 Things You Now Have Time To Do

Clean and organize that vanity or bathroom drawers where you get ready every day. I know it’s been on your list for a while now so why not? You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on expensive acrylic trays either. You can find just about any organization tip on Pinterest to help you get inspired. Better yet, see what you have laying around the house that you can use such as Tupperware or silverware trays From the Dollar Store.

Toss out beauty products that you haven’t used in a year or more. Toss half used shampoos potions and lotions that are taking up space that you most likely won’t use. Check sunscreen, cosmetics & skincare expiration dates.

Organize your beauty products by category such as Complexion, Eyes, Lips. Put those in a lower drawer and have current products you use daily-up in higher drawer or cabinet. You can rotate your products like a new shadow palette as you get bored and need an update. You can use this link to get 30% off Sally’s Beauty Supply for replacing old items like nail files and polish removers etc.

Save Gift with Purchase, freebies, makeup bags, beauty box left overs, unused cosmetics for donation. Charities can accept certain things like this and could really brighten someone’s day. hygiene item donations is often forgotten about. consider giving to the Mission of Yahweh that helps homeless women & children.

Toss and recycle old magazines and organize the ones you want to keep.

Tackle the pantry organization that would make Martha proud. Refill the supplies in your First AId Kit and add to the Hurricane Emergency Kit with candles etc.

Organize Home office and get out the trusty label maker with some Banker Boxes. Go though old mail, To be Shred Pile and so on. If you’re working from home create a productive work space

Revisit your Goals & Calendars. Set up/update your 5year Goals. The Quarterly goals, monthly, weekly-daily etc. Since the pandemic will likely set us all back on our goals, what's the commitment to yourself that will help get you back on track?

Organize bookkeeping. Stay ahead of the tax time rush and get ahead. I’ve recently discovered BENCH Bookkeeping it’s a game-changerdrive-up for me.

Buy a gift certificate from your favorite small business &  Order takeout from a mom and pop restaurant. Many places are offering drive up services. If you’re a restaurant here’s a link to Save $25 Bags & Bows that are offering a discount on takeout containers too!

Try a new recipe with your family. Sunday dinner is a fun time for our family. Have everyone get involved and have them do a different part of the dish.

Play a game like Heads Up with Alexa. When’s the last time you browsed through Alexas Skills? There a ton of fun things she can do nowadays.

Plant in the garden with your family! this is my ultimate stress reliever and I get pumped to see how far my tulips have grown each day.

Do some yoga on YouTube. I came across this hisband and wife duo, BohoBeautiful when they came through Houston on a tour. I absolutely them

Marie Kondo your closet KonMarimi Everything for that matter. Remove EVERYTHING from the rack. Take each item and Ask yourself, “does this bring me joy?” Marie Kondo recommends tidying up by category and not by room.

Make some art! There’s no right way or wrong way to do abstract art. Blank canvas are so cheap these days too. If you mess up you and always use some flat interior paint to paint over it and start again.

Shampoo your makeup brushes. It’s time to get them a good shampoo with antibacterial soap (Liquid Dial is totally fine) spray makeup brush cleanser into a little cup and dip eyeliner brushes into it to remove the product buildup

I hope your family stays healthy and happy during this time. And remember to #keepcalmshopon

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