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Making the Most Out of Your Quarantine Time: using your time wisely with skincare-

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Guest Beauty Blogger & Fashion Influencer Grace Harrison shares her ultimate beauty products to get our glow on.

During this quarantine, I’ve really been focused on using my time wisely with skincare. Forced self-Isolation is this the perfect time to de-clutter your makeup cabinet, but it’s also a great time to play with new products and experiment. After all, if something goes wrong, you have weeks for your skin to recover before seeing anyone.

As someone with sensitive skin, I’m always cautious before trying new products. These top picks work really well for me, but you know your own skin the best.

In this I am sharing my top five skincare products for your best quarantine beauty routine to keep you glowing!

1.Clarins UV PLUS Anti-pollution, SPF 50 Sunscreen$48.99:

My quarantine days are spent lazily lounging in the sun. I’ve made the ambitious goal to get a tan (any other ghostly pale girls out there?? You know the struggle!), and this entails scalding afternoons on my yoga mat outside. But even if you’re determined to get a summer tan, do NOT skip the SPF. Especially on your face. And, I promise you that you are not going to like the results of cheap Banana Boat spray on your face the next day. That stuff is not made for your face. Clarins sunscreen is an investment that you won’t regret. It’s lightweight, not too greasy, and easily comes off with your face wash before the end of the day. It has a super-thin consistency while still giving you the protection you need.


2. Peter Thomas Roth Labs-Potent-C Power Serum $98 1oz.

I had been wanting a vitamin C serum forever but was too scared of a potential breakout. Eventually, I took the gamble and ordered this simple serum off of Amazon (sounds risky, I know). However, it didn’t take long before this was a key ingredient in my skincare routine. I add a few drops to my sunscreen and have noticed my skin look brighter and more even in complexion. After doing my research, I’ve found that vitamin C serum works best when you’re out in the sun. It can also make your skin feel ‘tighter’—almost that face-lift feeling. This versatile serum can be added to your daily moisturizer or cream as well. Just use it a few times a week to avoid your skin feeling dried out.

The future of Vitamin C has arrived. Potent-C™ Power Serum unleashes the strength of THD ascorbate, an ultra-stable scientific breakthrough ingredient 50 X more powerful than traditional Vitamin C.

Full Disclosure: I used to be an intern at Lucky Cat Beauty so the opportunity to try new products daily made me the perfect science project. Before I was an intern I was a loyal fan of Lucky Cat Beauty Brow Products.

Our Guest Blogger Grace Harrison is home from University of Saint Andrews, Scotland where she studies business. She is an influencer, musician, fashion blogger & product junkie from Houston, Texas.

3. Lucky Cat Beauty Invisible Brow Ge $25l

If you want that effortless brow look with minimal effort, this product is for you. I’ve had so many different brow gels in my life (Glossier boy brow is also a favorite). But the extra-long handle for easy application and long-stay formula of LCB is hard to beat. Even if I’m having a minimal makeup day, I never skip my brows. Your brows frame your face. And as tempting as it is to grab the tweezers and pluck away, just remember that you are plucking to your doom. It will be tragic. As torturous as the wait is, hold off until you can get an appointment with Aubrie. If you brush your brows in an upward direction with the brow gel, you will see a huge improvement!!


4. Clarins New Eye Contour Gel for Unisex, 0.7 Ounce$33:

As someone with allergies to everything under the sun, this product is my lifesaver. If I miss a single dose of allergy medicine or even just indulge in too many sweets, I’ll wake up with puffy under eyes. The kind of puffy eyes cannot be covered with any type of concealer. It’s the worst. But this gel works like a miracle. Before buying it, I tried a sample in the department store and walked around for five minutes to see if it would work. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a totally different person—no exaggeration. The gel has a soothing coolness that melts into your skin and calms everything down. Perfect for Houston allergy sufferers!


5. French Girl Rose Lip Polish 1 oz/ 30 mL $18.00

The ultimate mask for your lips, French Girl Rose lip polish is essential for lip exfoliation. It can sound ridiculous, exfoliant for your lips?? But trust me when I say that it’s worth it. Keep it in the shower and rub the product onto damp lips. It smells as beautiful as it sounds, and really keeps your lips plump and healthy! An invigorating rose and mint-infused sugar scrub formulated with nourishing butters to gently remove dry skin and leave lips supple and hydrated.


The French Girl favorite.

Addictively soothing, with

hints of rose and cocoa.

I hope you enjoy your #nomakeupmonday! Teaser for next post: How to update your makeup when you change your hair color! I recently went from icy platinum to brunette and cant wait to share what I learned. -Grace