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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Happy Pride Month 2019

Just a thought...

by Aubrie @ Lucky Cat Beauty

Happy Pride Month! This year is a BIG one, as we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, which were the 1969 riots that kickstarted the LGBTQ rights movement — rights that we are still fighting for today.

Every June, a lot of brands turn their social media profile pictures rainbow and offer limited-edition rainbow-colored products, but let me get on my soapbox for a minute to tell you why I’m not a fan. I get it, I am the target customer. I am like a moth to a flame to rainbow bedazzled ​ A N Y T H I N G

​ ( I got sucked inwaaay to long at Target today) As much as I love how mainstream Pride has become-how wonderful is it that LGBTQ+ youth can see major household brands support them?!) I do have a problem with brands jumping on the Pride bandwagon simply for profit one month out of the year. Sorry, but you can’t throw up rainbow products once a year, pocket the money and be applauded for it.

That being said, several companies are using their platforms as an opportunity to show their support and give back to the LGBTQ community. And that is worth applauding. So this year, we put together a Pride Guide of some of our favorite limited-edition Pride products, all of which are donating directly to LGBTQ rights groups to make a difference.

We can't get enough LOVE up in here at Lucky Cat Beauty Studio. So if you must look good while giving back this PRIDE season, get yourself some of our annual limited edition Swarovski Crystal Pride Lashes before they sell out at $20 100% of the proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation Houston.

Check out more of our favorite products from other companies or “Allies” as we like to call them that are LGBTQ FRIENDLY celebrate with us in featuring limited edition items. Below for your shopping pleasure-We've included some links for your shopping pleasure of what we're loving this pride season. #LOVEWINSYALL For more info or to buy-email me at contactme@ to or Call/TEXT 281.773.4259 to purchase!


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