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A nostalgic stroll through Neiman's Houston...& My Obsessions from NM Beauty Week..

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

This time of year gets me especially excited for what's to come in the beauty and fashion industry. It's the eve of mania, clients, holiday shopping, travel, the holidays, VOGUE September Issue, Football, galas, cozy blankets & my hoodie collection comes out.

Everyone has probably heard at least once from me that Neiman Marcus is my favorite store, IN THE WORLD. Listen, I have been to many department stores all over the globe in my 25 years in the biz. I'm partial to Neimans Houston store. It was my hub for close to 10 years as a Global Makeup with Laura Mercier Cosmetics .

I love shopping at Neimans but because of the customer service, the southern traditions, the art, the windows, the men's department, The Mermaid Café..The Monkey Bread and the Cookbook..(I have all of them)

A walk through these days remind me of The “good ol days” as we call it. Shopping online is fast and easy, but you can't beat a stroll through Neimans or get help from the top makeup artists in the city..

I was excited to receive the annual THE BOOK and quickly started my list…

Here are some of my favorite, makeup artist approved-beauty buys for Neiman Marcus Beauty Week Sept 5-15 and pick up a tote full of goodies with a $125 Purchase…

Dr Barbara Sturm C4VGX Medium Anti Cellulite Body Brush $70 Massage and buff the dead skin, Summer & cellulite away and get skin a good brushing to help moisture and serums sink right


Natura Bisse Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield 2.5 oz $105 definitely the splurge here-anything to repair and renew my skin overnight-I’m in!

These work instantly......Not only are they pretty and better than the seed attached with some tape...these seeds stick and use a form of Chinese medicine, different parts of the ear correlate to various systems within the body. Here's my new favorite DIY item I will be stocking up on. As a person who struggles with chronic pain I have had this done to me and let me tell you it works!

Pathology Moodpatch Down Time Eye Gels 5 pairs $15

These work instantly as well as plump and hydrate the indereye all day!

A must for any makeup artist kit, or on a client before a big event!

All the buzz around clean beauty is there for a reason. The technology to create clean beauty products is so much more advanced these days. Many years ago you got an eye roll from me when you asked about parabens.. Or asked about green makeup. I am definitely on the bandwagon now!

VIE HEALING 24k Ears Seeds $34- Ear seeds are commonly used for both ear and body points. Gold pellets produce a long acting, continuous compression effect on the point. Gold is said to tonify or energize. Generally, pellets should be changed every 2 to 3 days to achieve the maximum effect (usually the body will adapt to the pressure after 2 to 3 days) but can be kept on for a week. Before applying, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol and the tape applied with a good seal. The patient may be reminded to gently press or stimulate these pellets occasionally during the day or as otherwise directed.

Jo Malone Cologne Poppy & Barley 30ml $70, 100ml $140 Body Wash $42

Wood Sage & Sea Salt 30ml $70, 100ml $140, Candle $67

Medi Havlu Towel $48 Exclusive

CHANEL Beaute Ultra Le Teint Velvet Blurring & Smoothing effects with one part sunscreen/part foundation glory. On the weekends I use the CHANEL

Vitalumiere Aqua. It's an ultra light very cool formula that goes on liquid and blends quickly into the skin and then dries down and stays forever! Definitely giving this one a go-

Want to smell like a sex god/goddess? pick up the unisex scent from CREED Aventus Cologne Spray 3.3oz $299 my other obsession

MEMO African Leather perfume spray $295 is quite literally the sexiest fragrance known to man. I call it my “Sex Panther” smell. I get stopped on the street often and people ask. A close second is the Eu de MEMO signature scent $220

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 3.4 oz. $150 The Holy Grail of Eyelash Conditioners is now available to Neimans too!

Be sure to hit up the lovely store during this time and see my buddy Prudence at the Laura Mercier Counter, Gabriel in Handbags and Marla at the Creed & MEMO Counter. Tell them Aubrie sent you! Happy Shopping!

Could your brows use a little more love in the hair department? I recommend The BrowGal Second Chance Serum $95 is my tried and true brow growth serum created by my friend & brow guru in LA, Tonya Crooks. The vibrating brush massages the skin to let the serum penetrate deeper into the skin and stimulates growth.

IKOO Paddle Brush, I made friends with the co-founder Katrin Ebner whom I met last year in Dallas at an Indie Beauty Trade show. Her and her husband created these incredible brushes. Everyone in my family got one including Olive, my rescue Pitbull. Her coat is all shiny!

. Be sure to hit up the lovely store during this time and see my buddy Prudence at the Laura Mercier Counter, Gabriel in Handbags and Marla at the Creed & MEMO Counter..tell them Aubrie sent you! Happy Shopping!

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